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Thread: Gold ring found and returned

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    Gold ring found and returned

    Not sure which forum to post this in, but here it is. About a month ago I received an email from someone who lost their wedding ring. He was pretty sure he knew where he lost it and asked if I might be able to help. I told him sure and I might be able to meet him early Saturday to look around. Turns out a few of my metal detecting buddies wanted to hit a favorite park so I cancelled the gold ring search and told him I would try and get there soon. I had a little time Monday morning so I went down to look around. I had never been to this field before, but he gave me a pretty good idea where it might have been lost. It didn't take that long and out pops a gold wedding band. I immediately gave him a call and asked him when he got married. He said June 20th 1992. Although he lived near the field, he was at work and his wife wasn't home either. I left it in an envelope for him at a nearby real estate office that's part of the company I work for. He picked it up and got back in touch with me and told me he'd like to send something to say thanks and asked for my address. Below is what he sent along with a photo of the ring. The restaurant the gift certificate is for is one of the best around although I've only eaten there a few times due to the cost. The have the best Grand Marnier souffle with Zabaglione Cream on the planet, but the cost is $16, a bit pricey for just dessert, but worth every penny. Turned out to be a great day for him and me.

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    Oh sweet recovery! And a sweet reward too! Enjoy it!
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    Great story all around! Nice work.
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    Very nice Don, keep up the good deeds!
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    That's wonderful, Don! Kudos to you!
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    great story Don , I commend your actions and helping out someone in need I 'm glad your the recipient of such a kind and generous reward.

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    Congratulations on your return. 100 Karma points have been deposited into your account.

    PS: Grand Marnier souffle is my favorite dessert.
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    That's pretty sweet. Sometimes you know the general spot where you lost something, once you figure out you lost it. That notion makes me wonder why some don't go back to find what they lost....but it's all the better for us detectorists that they don't. I have yet to be asked to find someone's lost ring for them.

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