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Thread: Newbie - Upstate New York - Syracuse Area

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    Upstate NY, Syracuse Area

    Newbie - Upstate New York - Syracuse Area

    Just joined this forum.
    I started metal detecting about ten years ago with the old Cold War box style machine, I think it was a Whites Coinmaster. My arms got bigger but my pockets didn't.
    About five years after that I was given a Bounty Hunter Land Star.
    I didn't have the time or patience to learn the machine and quickly gave it up and sold the machine.
    About three weeks ago while out garage saling, I happened upon a Teknetics Delta 4000 and purchased it for 45 dollars which seemed like a deal.
    Since that day I have been out every day that the weather has permitted which is just about all of them here in central NY.
    We could use some rain.
    So far:
    70 cents in clad
    1 trailer hitch ball
    3 large metal washers
    1 can of rusted common nails
    1 metal tent stake
    1 sardine can key and lid
    Numerous beaver tails and pull tabs
    4 square nails
    Numerous cans and parts of cans
    and last but not least
    1 blue sports car (hot wheels)

    Looking forward to my next adventure!

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    Welcome to the forum, DoodleBug! We're glad you joined us. Good finds await you, all it takes is patience and perseverance.

    Best of luck and happy hunting!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum DoodleBug the Syracuse area of NY is a great location with huge amounts of old history , I hope you find some .

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    I also use Teknetics Doodlebug...very pleased with them....and pleased you joined us! Welcome
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    Upstate NY, Syracuse Area
    Thanks for the warm welcome Tony, Dan and Drew.

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    Welcome! the 4000 is a nice little machine and you got a really good deal on it! I'm a few hours east of you in the Saratoga area.

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    Welcome from western MA. Patience is the key....the goodies will come. Looking forward to seeing those good finds.
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    Welcome to the site and good luck on your hunts. And congrats on a killer garage sale deal.
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