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Thread: Anyone out

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Size:  66.4 KB This is what it looks like !! My first real find.

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    green river whiskey bottle cap , I know the company started out in 1885 but I think they were still making it up until 2005. yours does look like it has some age to it .

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    Welcome to the forum from the cornfields of Illinois!
    Your in prime detecting country! It sounds like you've got the gear, now it's just time behind the coil and learning it's "language". And along the way just pay attention to the signal before you dig and what comes out of the ground from that signal. You'll then start to log a mental log of signals and possible targets. Great fun!
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    Well, I'm nowhere near you but welcome to the forum nonetheless. Still waiting for the snow to go away here in Washington state as well.
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    Thanks guys, Its not as easy as i initially thought but I think im starting to get it. Im getting a good feel for the size of the object now. Today I accutally grabbed $1.31 out of the side yard after work in 1 and 1/2 hrs. I wasent digging deep or iffy targets i just went for what i thought was a soild tone and a coin size target. I live in a appartment building to better explaian all the change
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    Thanks for finding that out for me del ! I'm thinking 40's but its nothing too crazy anyway just cool to digger when i went out today i had your words of wisdom in the back of my head the whole time i went in all metal mode and took my sweet time low and slow. I was pulling up cans and tabs purposely just for the feel. Thanks man you guy's are awesome

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    Would hunt with you nut u an all the way in California

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