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Thread: Next Tuesday......

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    Next Tuesday......

    My new Deus should be here. Could not resist it.
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    Good luck with it, Joe!!
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    Best of luck with it! I like 4.x better than 3.x and the normalization of VDI helps a lot.
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    Congrats !! Please give us your honest opinions about its features and capabilities Joe !
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    I have a total of 8.25 hours on it and have found clad and a silver ring. I have concentrated on finding coins in heavy trash so as to learn the sounds, etc. I am using a modified Ultimate program at 12 khz, neg disc, and full tones. I am getting much better at sifting thru trash but won't consider myself good until I both predict AND find a nickel and a gold ring. Soil here is "G. B. fail' type so that helps.

    I am very happy with it and love the convenience and recovery speed. Still much to learn.
    Deus Autem Lutum

    XP Deus / CTX 3030 / EQ 800

    The real treasure is in the marketing

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