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Thread: The Equinox has landed.

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    The Equinox has landed.

    Got my Nox 800 today - waiting for the thaw...Name:  equinox.jpg
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    The thaw will be soon...forecast is for above freezing most of next week so maybe you will be able to put that coil to the soil....digging a plug still might be an issue.

    I am jealous!

    Oh and congrats!
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    I'm jealous as well!

    I can't wait to hear some opinions on this machine after real usage in the field by members of this forum!
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    Mine is 4-7 days away!!! Good luck with it!!
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    Is there a snow setting?
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    I'm sure that one was suppose to come to me just go ahead and forward it
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    It's all charged up and I went online and filled out the warranty. Temps are warmer and some of the snow melted (40's yesterday and today), I just may take it out and play with it at the local sledding hills.
    Equinox 800

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    Scotty B, you would impress us all if you rented a bulldozer and cleared some snow so you can give us a genuine report from the field.
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    Not too bad today

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    Equinox 800

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