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Thread: Noob in Oregon

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    Noob in Oregon

    Hi all, name's Mike, and I'm interested in getting back into metal detecting. Well, really getting started. Back in the mid-2000's I was into prospecting and eventually bought a used Tesoro lobo supertraq. I only managed to use it a couple times before life got in the way. I'm trying to get back into prospecting, and with that using my detector more, not just for nugget shooting but coin/relic hunting as well. I know the LST is geared more towards nuggets than anything else, but I figure it should do ok for finding coins etc.

    Anyway, I'm in Newberg, about 30 mins SW of Portland. Is there anyone local here that might be willing to go detecting with me?

    also, I'm looking to get a pin pointer. Are the cheap chinese ones on amazon worth it, or should I spend the money and get a name brand one?


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    Welcome to the forum, Mike! We're glad you joined us.

    Regarding your pinpointer question, it's true that "you get what you pay for." Personally, if you can swing it I would pay a little more for a name brand pinpointer. You will be much happier in the long run.

    Best of luck with your prospecting and metal detecting. I hope you find some great stuff.
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    Mike, welcome from western MA. Tony is right on with you get what you pay for. Good luck with your prospecting and have you checked to see if there is a local metal detecting club near you?
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    Would this be a decent pin pointer? Itís not the Garrett carrot, but it is a Garrett at least.

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    Hi Mike and Happy New Year! The auction that already ended was the original black garrett pin pointer and would be fine. That's what I use. The large "we found something similar" pic is just the mount, which you probably already know. Welcome to the group and I look forward to your posts!
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    Hello Mike and welcome to the forum
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    Hello Mike, welcome to both of us.

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    Welcome to the forum from ohio
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    Hey Mike!
    Welcome to the forum from the cornfields of Illinois!

    And yes the plain black original Garrett pinpointers are great units!
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    Like a knucklehead, I just lost my pinpointer. So, coincidentally, I'm also in the market. I'd never heard of the Deteknix Xpointer before but it looks really good...and much cheaper than the Pro Pointer.
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    Hey Mike, Tom here in Seaside Oregon. Just received my new Garrett Ace 400 detector with Ace Pin Pointer. I have a couple more accessories coming. This will be my first attempt at Detecting. Perhaps after we get acquainted with our detectors we could meet for some detecting. Again, welcome to the forum.


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    Welcome to the forum from N. California.
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