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Thread: 2018 wrap up post and video

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    2018 wrap up post and video

    I finally got around to posting a wrap up of my 2018 season. These are my finds from my Wisconsin hunts and donít include my trip to the UK. Thanks for looking and good luck to everyone in 2019.
    138 hours of detecting all but 7 hours were on the Equinox 800 the other 7 were on the Deus. Silver coin total 43.
    Clad $18.21
    Wheats 115
    Indians 11
    War nickels 9
    Buffalos 12
    Vís 4
    Sheild 1
    Silver Rosieís 7
    Mercury 19
    Barber dimes 2
    Washington quarters 3
    Barber quarters 2
    Walking Liberty Halfs 1
    Attached Images Attached Images    
    2019 SILVER Coin Count 30

    Equinox 800, 15Ē, 11Ē & 6Ēcoils

    XP Deus, 9"HF, 11" & 11ĒX13Ē X35 coils

    Gray Ghost underwater headphones, Garrett AT Pro, ProFind 35 & XP Mi6 pointers, Lesch tool, Stealth 08 water scoop

    Detectors since 1977:CTX 3030, F75 Ltd, Etrac, Excal II, V3i, DFX, GTI2000, Eagle II, 6000DI, 6DB, AlaskanTR4B, Beachcomber

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    WOW! Look at all that Silver! Nice year!
    XP Deus

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