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Thread: My new oldest coin

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    My new oldest coin

    Today I got out for about 4 hours. I met the guys at a plowed field that lies adjacent to a major road. Although the road is a modern asphalt highway it lies pretty much in the exact same place as the old Roman road that went from Lopodunum (now Mannheim, Germany) to Parisius (Paris, France). My first good find was a 1745 hammered silver (2 Kreuzer) and later I got a screamer signal at about 1 inch deep. I was 100% certain it was another shell casing but boy was I wrong! A BIG Roman coin popped out of the hole instead! Turns out it was only issued for two years in 41 and 42 A.D. The portrait on the coin is Antonia Augusta, mother of Claudius. He had the coin issued after she died in 41 A.D. I did find 2 more Roman coins but they are rotted to the point of being pretty much bronze slugs.

    Here's some pics. Thanks for looking and happy digging!
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    Wow, incredible coins!

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    Way to go Daddy D ! Those are outstanding finds .Roman coins are awesome .Seeing that one makes me want to watch the I Cladius series once again .

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    Well DD, a couple of thousand year old coin in any shape is a very cool find. I would say that yours is exceptional for it's age. Nice bit of silver too !
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    Nothing screams out "ancient" more than an old Roman bronze , congrats on the coin Dave .

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    At least that one held up! Wow! That's in phenomenal shape!!
    Congrats on your new oldest!
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    You certainly find some amazing coins. Congrats on your new (temporary I'm sure) oldest coins. Nice pics as well. Thx for posting. WD
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    Holy wow,Dave!! Amazing as usual
    That silver has an usual you know the silver content? Wonderful!!

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    How soon can I sign up for the Diggin With Dave tour!!! Obviously you've got the best digging ground of us all here!! CONGRATS!! At least I can say we've treasure hunted together in Illinois when you become famous.

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    10,303's the Daddydigger show, staring Dave and his detector. You will see him dig ancient Roman coins, hammered silvers and the occasional rosie. Brought to you by American Detectorist.
    Dave, a great hunt as usual. Can't imagine digging a Roman. Remember, my offer to store your excess finds at my house still stands...
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    I am not worthy.... Great finds. Absolutely tremendous!!!!!
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    That’s nothing! I found a Roman candle last month

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