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Thread: Hunt in Nebraska while on Vacation

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    Hunt in Nebraska while on Vacation

    I totally had forgotten about this, went out to Nebraska to visit my folks at the end of Sept., brought my MD along with plans of Detecting some parks. I called Parks rec. dept. to make sure it was okay. Answer was Yes, but you can dig the target.. I then said, well, you might just want to say No when people ask as that answer just sounds silly. He laughed and agreed.

    So there was a small 2 acre field close to my parents house on the outskirts of town, got permission and only hunted a couple hours. But, managed to find a Nebraska Militia Staff Officers button, what I think is a bale seal, and some part of Jewelry (maybe?) Was really hoping for a coin (as we all do) but I was satisfied just to get out hunting. The last image is an undug example of the button.
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    That is a nice button. How old do you think it is? I would be very tempted to soak it in lemon juice for 20 minutes bc it looks like there is some gilt showing.
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    Yes, I has that response on my only out of state trip, although a local said no one cares if you dig I didn't venture there. Congrats on the recoveries on your backup hunt. WD
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    Your button might clean up very well.
    That thing on the right looks to me like some kind of bat wing.

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    I already used Lemon juice on it, that's the best its going to look unfortunately. Not 100% on the age, but Nebraska didn't become a state until 1867.
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    That is a nice button. How old do you think it is? I would be very tempted to soak it in lemon juice for 20 minutes bc it looks like there is some gilt showing.
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    Very cool button. Have you tried CLR on it?
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    CLR works very well with a gilded button with a soft toothbrush.

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