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Thread: Return to the 1/2 Penny Canadian coin site

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    Return to the 1/2 Penny Canadian coin site

    Was hoping to get in some detecting today despite the weather (snow covered), but I found out the price you pay for getting to detect in January - snowstorms in October that fall. weather really sucks here. Anyway I got to the field and the snow did not melt. I hunted for about 15 minutes on top of the snow but the coil got so heavy I just quit. I found a small patch of ground that had little to no snow and decided to hunt that. The area was maybe 25 x 50 feet but had some old stuff hidden underneath. The first old coin was a Barber dime where I returned to later and found an Indian. By the end of the hunt I had a Barber Quarter the Barber dime 2 Mercs the Indian and 2 old Wheaties. The condition on the Mercs and Wheaties was such that I am sure they were dropped in the twenties at the latest. The last thing I found was the most interesting, it is a pewter like block (heavy) that has what looks like a car or something from a RR track or some sort of wheeled thing. It has reverse lettering and I can make out "patented" and the date 1894. Anyone knows I would love to hear what it is. Thanks Wisconsin Digger
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    Wow, super hunt! A half inch to an inch of dry snow is great as you really see how long it takes to cover an area. But the wet snow, like you had, is no fun. Congrats on all the old silver!

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    Very nice, I couldn't tell you the last time I dug up any silver
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    I swear you could find silver in a paved parking lot
    Congrats on yet another great hunt!!
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    Great hunt for sure! Love the barbers!
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    Love the barber halves!!

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    Congrats on your great coin finds and your persistence to hunt . I believe that is a Railroad handcar , a manually operated utility vehicle .

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    AMAZING finds! I don't see a lot of those 1928 mercs dug either. Yours is in great shape too.
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    Great finds! You find silver like I did when I was 12 years old and had an undetected park to play in in 1985. On Wisconsin!
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    Great silvers man! That 1928 is in really nice condition!
    I <3 colonial relics!

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