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Thread: Three Century coins

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    Three Century coins

    Returned to the place I hit the last 2 weeks and managed a few nice finds. This place has given up some really sharp early Mercury's and todays 1919 was probably the nicest of the bunch. Also picked up a nice Barber Dime and another Merc. Century coins were a 1886 Indian a 1914 Barber Dime and the 1919 Merc. Also picked up a decent looking 1931 Wheatie. got $6.33 in gas money and some silver bling. Ground still thawed so may have some more time to hunt. Wisconsin Digger
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    Great coins for sure! You found a nice spot that has been pretty good to you. The ground in SE Michigan is not frozen but we got 7-10 inches of snow last week and half of it is still here. Hope to get out again this year. Congrats!
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    Awesome finds and pictures , congratulations .

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    Congrats on some nice looking silver.
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    Glad to see the weather is cooperating with you!
    Congrats on the silvers and gas money!!
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    Great work. Nice spot for sure! Hoping to get out this weekend. Been traveling too much and weather hasn't cooperated when I had the time.
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    So many quarters , and sweet old silver, I hope there is lots of ground left to cover there! Ironically, as kids we used to pray to St Anthony to find things we lost.

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    Nice set of finds and you're right. The '19 Merc is in stellar condition!

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