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Thread: A recovery story.

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    A recovery story.

    My wife called me one afternoon the first part of November and told me a coworkers friend was in need of a metal detector. So the story goes. A farmer was spreading hay in his barn for the cows bedding when he noticed his wedding ring was missing. He searched for hours with no luck. About a week later he had mentioned the loss to his friend, my wife’s coworker and she ask my wife if I would be willing to look for it. It was right in the middle of our early freeze so I was game for a little detecting. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at his farm, it was a very old farm site. That definitely got my blood pumping? Can you guess why? Anyway we went to the barn and he pointed out the stall he thought it was in and I got to work with the Equinox. About 20 minutes into searching he was ready for me to give up. I told him I’m going to find it so I hope your not in a hurry. He said ok let’s keep going. I finally got a solid 21 on the Equinox and I had a feeling this was it. We dug down in the packed hay and manure and at about 3-4 inches there it was. High fives commenced.

    After the recovery we started talking about his old farm. He mention it was an 1860’s farm and part of the house was still the original log home. We proceeded to house for a quick tour of the original part and to give his wife the good news about the find. They then asked me the question. How much do we owe you? I said I don’t want any payment and I had only one request. Can I PLEASE come back and search your property? Permission was granted, so it will be one of my early hunts this spring. Now I’m sure you know why I was excited to see such and old farm and why I was not going to give up on finding that ring.
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