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Thread: Had a Good Day Hunting a New Town

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    Had a Good Day Hunting a New Town

    Noah and I decided to try a new town Saturday. I saw that it was incorporated in 1836, which is old for Illinois!
    It was obvious that the town has been hit before, not a lot of signals in the yards UNTIL we it an 1880s house on a semi-main street.

    I wasn't swinging for more than 2 minutes before I dug my first Indian. Before we left that yard, I dug 3 Indians 1906, 1864 & a smashed no date. I also dug my first dime trifecta of the year along with a 1904 Barber Qtr. Definitely a fun yard!!

    At another house I dug a Rosie and at the last house of the day 2 more Mercs!! It's been quite a while since I've had a day like this one.
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    I really want to see the "heads" side of that coin! Congrats Don on a KILLER day! SO many silvers and a super looking 1864 IHC! Congrats my friend. Did you leave Noah at home? Is that the key to your success? Happy digging!
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    Awesome hunt, you guys had a great day. WD
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    What a great day for sure! I like that 1864 Indian. Big congrats!
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    Wanted you to have a great day but geez! Thanks for at least leaving me one Indian LOL!

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    That was a terrific day, Don! Last week an SLQ and this week a Barber Quarter! The 1864 Indian Head is a sweet find too. The 1906 Indian is in beautiful shape! It must have been brand new when it was dropped 114 years ago.

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    Great hunt! Love the patina on that 1864!
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    You guys dig the best Indians! Don't you love finding something right away at a new site? Such a good feeling. I've never seen a an old Indian like the '64 with that color! ...and the '06... wow!! I think they're prettier in your dirt for 150 yrs than in a desk.
    Great job, Don!

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    Great hunt Don, anytime I find a Barber anything it makes the whole day so much more sweeter. Congrats!
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