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Thread: 1731 COIN kinda day!

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    1731 COIN kinda day!

    Hit a Colonial site with my buddy...Dog Cape Clasp, KG, and a 1731 RUSSIAN COIN...go figure in S.C. .CANNOT GET IMAGES TO UPLOAD....
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    What an awesome coin! I've never seen on before. That's what we love about metal detecting! You never know what's going to be in the next hole.

    Here are some images of the coin that I took from your video:

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    Yeah go figure finding something like that in SC or anywhere in the US!
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    I think that is the oldest Russian coin that I have seen dug here in the states. Looks like a half or a quarter kopek. Nice! That is a very cool clasp!
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    Calabash crushes another oldie. Good for you sir!
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    I watched the video last night. That Cloak Clasp is an awesome relic! Congrats on the coin! I love the style on those old ones. They just look "old."
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    Thanks everyone! I am headed back out this week...
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