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Thread: Cold 20 mins

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    Cold 20 mins

    Hey everyone,

    After work today I hit my most difficult site. It's a corn field where there are plenty of post civil war coins waiting for me...I find them every so often but it's tough sledding as the soil is NOT my friend. Every swing produces falsing. I've tried sens down, different Nox programs, beach programs, one frequency, tracking ground balance...with my old T2 I was relegated to listening for anything outside the normal falsing sounds.
    If you recall, it was the first site I stupidly brought my new Nox to. I thought the Minelab magic would do the work for me. It didn't.
    I'd like to say I've overcome all the technical issues and can now quietly hunt the sight, but I still can't. At best I have good days and bad...I think it has to do with how much moisture is in the soil. There seems to be a window of a few days after a good soaking rain where things are quieter.
    Today, the soil sounded horrible but luckily I locked onto a 5in 12/11. I dig anything that repeats there.
    Out popped my third rays shield. Probably an 1866. Weirdly, I've only found one without rays.
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    That's beautiful Drew!
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    That is a beauty of a Shield! I like those kind of sites because you know that there is stuff there and when you find something, like you did, it is just that much more satisfying. Well done!
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    Man, that reverse side is in awesome shape! The front side not so much but I can just make out the date. It says lops, yup the date is lops.
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    Thanks, guys!
    Roger, they don't come out with that kind of tone and sharpness around here...especially from a corn field.

    Jared, this corn field was a ball field from the turn of the century until 1930ish. Each village in my town (and we have like 7 villages) had a ball team and they played each other with many fans. So I know the coins are there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Full Metal Digger View Post
    It says lops, yup the date is lops.
    Maybe it says 1156? hmmmm? Pfenning boy!
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    Beautiful Shield Nickel. Have you tried one frequency on the Nox?
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    Wow nice Shield. Better shape then what I usually see posted. Congrats. WD
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    Thanks, WD and Donnie!
    Yep Donnie, as I mentioned I routinely use 5kHz. Sometimes it works better than multi at this particular site....but I also like to use it at hunted out parks where I have to go deeper than man has ever gone before Although I have to toggle back and forth to multi to check for bottle caps. Thanks!
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    The reverse of that Shield Nickel is gorgeous! I would have left it just like that. The details really pop. I have found 10 Shield Nickels and only one of them has rays.

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    Thats a dandy shield nickel Drew!
    And it's not red. I like the brown patina. That's different!
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    Congrats on the nickel !!! i've only got two with "rays" (1866 and 67) out of the 8 , Drew and recently started to tumble some of my coins and buttons . I also noticed the shield nickels and the 2 centers clean up pretty well from being tumbled
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    Never found a Shield Nickel. Congrats!
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