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Thread: Gonna get out this weekend!

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    Gonna get out this weekend!

    Seems like a year but it's been a month since I have gotten out to swing the coil. But we got rain here in southeast MA yesterday and most of the snow is gone and none predicted for a week. I'll be heading out Sunday. My detecting muscles have atrophied and I am sure I will feel it but I need to get out into the woods for at least a short hike and a swing.

    Who is still snowbound ?

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    SE Michigan has about 8 inches of snow still on the ground but it was in the 40s yesterday which melted some of it. Temps for the next 10 days are supposed to be above freezing so I'm hopeful I will be able to get out soon too. The blanket of snow tends to keep the ground from freezing so once the snow melts I might be able to stick a shovel in the dirt. My muscles have atrophied too so even if the ground is thawed out I might be too weak...I better start working out today!
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    I know I'm not far from you, Jeff but we have the exact same conditions as Jared. I never think to travel toward the shore.
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