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Thread: New town/old friends

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    New town/old friends

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Size:  63.6 KB Good always to get out with friends for some fresh air and some good old vitamin D! Got out to a new town with Tony and Don. Well Tony got the most silver, but at least I got 1800s silver barely! also I got my first children’s play money for the year and my first government play money (tax token). Indians were scarce as I only got two. But the skeleton key was a nice surprise. Happy hunting everyone. None of it was mid-evil but it sure was fun!

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    Congrats Noah on your finds. A little bit of silver, some Indians, and an awesome skeleton key makes for a great day! Of course it's always good to meet up with friends too.
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    Thanks Dave. The great thaw has finally come. Outdoors with friends is always a good time. Hope to get together with you too when you finally return.

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    Great start to 2021. Congrats on all the nice finds. Great looking Barber. WD
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    Congrats on the 1800's silver. Hope you find lots more this year.
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    Thanks you two. Best of luck for you also. Hope to get Capped in a couple weeks in our field hunt.

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    That 1899 Barber Dime was an early drop. It still had wonderful detail on it. Great find!

    The skeleton key is a favorite also. That one is large and it is in good shape. Nice relic!

    What great weather we had that day. Spring is in the air! Here's to the next hunt!

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