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Thread: 2 month checkpoint.

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    2 month checkpoint.

    2 months ago, I'd never swung a detector. By reading the forums, reading 2 Equinox books and detecting every chance I get, I've been on a steep learning curve! I'm feeling proficient and very comfortable with all the settings and their impact.

    I've been hunting the local parks and schools and am digging MUCH LESS trash now than I was 2 months ago. I'm using Park1+Field1, 50 tones and am pretty confident when I decide to dig a target, but bent nails and square nails are still my nemesis.

    Totals after 2 months of detecting:
    11 Wheats
    2 silver dimes (Merc & Rosie)
    2 silver rings and some other assorted jewelry/trinkets
    3 old Canadian pennies
    $20.69 clad
    and a bunch of junk (pull tabs, aluminum can slaw and nails).

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    Congrats, you're doing very well and learning quickly! Most guys quit after 2 months because they become frustrated by a lack of finds. Congrats again and I look forward to seeing your first "once-in-a-lifetime" find! Happy digging, Dave.
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    I STILL am frightened by 50 tones. You're doing VERY well! Keep it up!
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    Just a matter of time before a gold ring shows up or an old silver coin. Keep digging those low and mid tones if you want to find gold.
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    You're off to a great start. Keep it up!!
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    Nice job. Addicting isn't it.
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