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Thread: Trime Time

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    Trime Time

    Saturday, I got out with Dave & Noah for a day of detecting. We started out at our "Button field". No coins for me, but I did find 3 more buttons for the collection.

    Next, we hit a house that was on the 1875 map. It was pretty void of good signals until I got a 12-30 at about 8 inches. Trime Time!!

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    We finished the day at our new favorite Chinese restaurant.
    Great day hunting with the guys!!
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    WOW!! Great coin...and pictures!
    Huge congrats!
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    WOW, and the coin is gorgeous. Never found a trime or 3 cent nickel coin. That coin is a hunt in itself, nothing else is needed. Huge congrats. I did find three wheaties yesterday, does that count. Nice job and thx for posting WD
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    Congrats on that beautiful Trime and your pictures are fantastic ! The light purple background on your coin shots is an excellent choice .

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    That is one of the prettiest trimes I have ever seen! Stunner!
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    Congrats Don, glad I was there to hear you get all excited! 'IT'S A GOOD ONE!" That said it all my friend. Great looking coin and thanks for the invite. I had a blast. It was fun swinging the ole e-trac again and hearing her sweet tones in my ears.
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    WOW! Excellent! Name:  436070_1.jpg
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    That's one beautiful trime, the detail is incredible!
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    What a gorgeous trime, Don! I am green with jealousy!

    That's one of the nicest dug trimes I have ever seen! Beautiful! And your photos really do it justice.

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    Holy cow Don, that's probably the nicest looking trime I've seen dug. Congrats!
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    I am floored at how nice this coin is. Super jealous!!!! Congrats Don! Well deserved. Proves that if you work hard at this hobby, good things will happen.
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