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Thread: Mist in the wilderness

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    Mist in the wilderness

    Hello all. For a long time I found time to go hunting again. The second time this year. It is already a bit cold here. But I like it when the fog is still there in the morning and it rains lightly. I use to say "Celtic weather". In fact, I also have the feeling the detector goes particularly well then.
    The findings from the cloud forest are in any case suitable for the weather. Germanic / Roman.
    I could well imagine the Germanic warriors between the trees.
    Too bad that the swastika brooch is broken.
    Inconspicuous but rare is the small bronze stick. This is a fortune telling stick which the Druids used for divination.

    I hope I could give you a good impression of the tour. I am curious what next year will bring.
    All the best to you over there!

    That also occurred to me
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    Terrific finds and wonderful photos! I would be more worried about running into the knights who say ni!

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    The Druidic fortune telling spindle is spectacular! Wow, what an incredible piece of history! I am curious about how it was used.

    I assume the coins are Roman?

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    Wonderful scenes, Menzi! What are those coins?
    Nothing better than hunting before the fog burns off!
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    That place looks amazing! Great finds too! Roman coins?
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    Nice recoveries, Thx for the great photos. WD
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    Thank you very much! Yes the knights of Ni are world famous! I always found them quite symphatic. Yes the coins are late Roman. 4 century. Emperor Constantine. But the Swastika brooch is earlier. About 3 century. The spindle could be Celtic. Since we're talking about movies. Check this out.They use these sticks or bones.

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    can almost hear the Germanic tribes shouting , yelling or taunting the roman centurions just out of site hidden behind the mists before a great battle !

    great pictures Menzl . congrats on all the history you recovered .

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    Thanks del. Well said. Yes, when you go into certain lonely forests it is as if you enter another world or time. Already the Roman Tacitus described the forests of Germania as an inhospitable, rough and desolate country, "partly frightening by its forests, partly disgusting by its swamps" and in addition damp and windy". I like that but it is not the only landscape. There are also the lovely vine-covered and sun-drenched areas of the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle near the old Roman imperial city of Trier. (advertising ends)

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    Very nice finds, and something we on this side of the pond will never see on our digs. Love the forest photos! I have a woods near my that looks much the same on foggy mornings, and is quite peaceful. Even the deer will sometimes step out of the mist and follow me out of curiosity.
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