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Thread: Unknown connecticut state copper! Miller 33.42-t.2.

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    Unknown connecticut state copper! Miller 33.42-t.2.

    It's confirmed. The coin was peer reviewed in hand at the Whitman Baltimore Coin Show today. I found a unique and hitherto unknown die marriage of a Connecticut State Copper. I found a Miller 33.42-T.2. The 33.42 obverse is extremely rare in its own right but only known to exist with a Z.2 reverse until I dug this one! Thanks Don Hartman for your help and noticing it. Your help was invaluable. Thanks Jeff Rock for your help. Thanks to Danny LaMontagne for the invite!Name:  254420632_409406277348727_7100116782733845480_n.jpg
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    Wow, what an insanely incredible find! One can only imagine what a unique coin like that could be worth at auction even in that condition. Huge congrats, and have fun showing that special beauty off in the years to come!
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    Truly an EPIC FIND Donnie ! please tell us the overall consensus opinion of the detail rating (G , VG , F , Vf , XF ) and estimated value ?
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    Wow! Some of the things you have dug up are amazing!! This coin is probably the most (or close to it) rare colonial coin there is and you found it!! You certainly have a knack for the rare stuff....Pine Tree shilling, GW button....colonial Connecticut Copper that no one has any records of.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Truly an EPIC FIND Donnie ! please tell us the overall consensus opinion of the detail rating (G , VG , F , Vf , XF ) and estimated value ?

    I was told by one expert that it must not have been in circulation long because it has VF to XF details. Three of the experts asked me if it was for sale. All three independently valued the coin at $20K but stated that if the "billionaire" who collected Connecticut Coppers hadn't passed away last year that it would have brought $50K - $75K.
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    That's amazing, Donnie! Such interesting history with the CTs. Looks like the show was fun! I might be tempted to sell that one
    Huge congrats!
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    That is awesome Donnie! Huge congrats to you sir. You unearthed a piece of history that is incredibly rare. I am speechless.
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    Congratulations on a most incredible find .

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    Not much else can be added to this incredible find but on a side note I think it should be added what contribution detecting has added to the numismatic field. This example would probably top the list. Huge congrats and please post any updates to this great find. Thx for posting WD
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    That is just too cool Donnie B. Imagine owning the only known one of anything ? I have never sold any of my finds but if someone with extra deep pockets made me crazy offer offer like that, I am pretty sure I would take it.
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    Most epic find Donnie! Glad to see you could finally get official documentation. How do you plan on displaying it?

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