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Thread: Spring Curse Going Strong/ D2 Comments

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    Spring Curse Going Strong/ D2 Comments

    It's been three weeks since I found that GW button with its associated hex. As the curse goes on, the button shows more and more detail (pic below). I think it's as good as its going to get so I expect the curse to end any day now. In the mean time, attached is what I've managed to find. The smiley face was found yesterday with the D2. Just in the last two days I've made strides in finding the correct settings.
    About the D2...yesterday was the first day I can say it probably out-performed my previous detectors. Nearing the end of my hunt I crossed the road to a four acre field I've hit for the last 10 years...and certain spots produce better than others. I tried a particular slope that I'VE GRIDDED in the past with multiple machines and in all soil conditions. I've always used 11in coils as there isn't much iron, and the name of the game is depth. On that little slope the D2 found all the items pictured in the face pic WITH A 9IN COIL, and in about 45min. Who knows, maybe the soil was extra giving, or the planets aligned perfectly, but it seemed like a positive outcome.
    The D2 is a joy to swing, and if it performs this well then my following comments don't matter...but here goes the annoying stuff-

    Hurt my ears.
    Can't be worn with eye glasses.
    Allows ambient noise in.
    Uses a 15 yr old charging cord.
    Have to take off to set volume.
    Ears will freeze in winter.

    Screen WAY too small.
    Screen info is not intuitive at all.
    Any sun all but makes it invisible.
    The proprietary charging port is so small that anyone over 50 has to guess if the pins line up, and I don't really know IF they have to line up as the manual says nothing about it.
    When charging the coil, box, and phones you have to take the box off the detector because all three cords are connected and don't reach.
    All three items to be charged are connect to the same cord.
    Very difficult to attach box to the rod, and the plastic pins that make the attachment look like they'll soon break.
    It does come with a safety string so WHEN the box falls off in the woods you won't lose it. The manual says nothing about this string. I had to guess what it was for.

    Can NOT be submerged unless you attach an elaborate wire.
    Only has about 7-8 hours a charge. I'm guessing the multi-freq really drains it.
    The charging clip is VERY difficult to open wide enough to get it on the coil.

    Feet DO NOT REACH THE GROUND!!!!!!! I can't understand this. Why put feet on if they're useless. Everyone is buying after-market feet but I'll just lay it down sideways.

    Charging info is vague and in the back of the no quick start for you.
    More problems I just can't recall at this writing. lol

    Instead of a normal pin pointer sound this "breaths" over targets with multiple sounds.
    You start it with one button and stop it with another button.
    I seems to begin de-tuned down to a small area. Its so small and fast you can't visualize where the target is.
    I've stopped using it all together.

    HH all!
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    Thanks for your honest and thorough review of the Deus II, Drew. It is very helpful. It sounds like there are a lot of annoyances with it but the performance might make these easier to put up with.

    The GW button is looking great! It has incredible detail, you can see virtually every feather. Are you going to use Ren Wax on it?

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    Thanks, Tony. I won't put renwax on unless I get all the crud off. I still haven't decided how to get the last bit off.
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    Thanks Drew for your thoughts on the D2. I am tempted to get it and sell one of my Nox800 but we will see. I know it’s a great machine but it is so different than what I am used to with minelabs. That is very impressive that it was able to get all those finds in an area you have detected so much over the years. If I lived on the east coast I would definitely get one.
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    Well Jared, I just went back and did find a fire dept tag, flat button, and small finial on the same slope... BUT there was more iron around than I noticed yesterday. So, my 9in D2 coil would have an advantage over the 11in Nox around some iron, in that instead of going deep maybe I was unmasking...although the fire dept tag was 9in deep with no iron around it, so who knows..?
    It IS way different tonally to the minelabs, but I never got used to the Nox tones, I feel right at home with the Deus tones. Even though there are many variations they all seem to sound like the Teknetics tones I was weened on. Thanks!
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    Happy to see you love everything about the Deus Drew

    Let me explain the Deus to you:


    You can adjust the volume from the main controller
    I love the back phones as the ambient noise will protect you from marauding crack heads or hungry bears
    I wear them with glasses
    I put a hat on in the winter, pull it over the headphones to keep my ears warm

    I have never had the controller fall off once in 8 years.....because I wear it in an ARM BAND
    Seriously, I heard of a couple of people complain it popped of the stem but not aware it is a real issue.
    I cussed at the charging port when I saw the new one on the D2. You do have to line it up but you don't have to screw it in.
    The only reason the sun causes glare is because you are hunting in yards and parks and fields. Go back in to the WOODS !

    COIL -

    It can be submerged. I do it all the time without any elaborate wire.
    Coil charge...7-8 hours is a bit limited. When is the last time you hunted for 7 or 8 hours? It's been a few years since I've put in a full day.

    RODS -

    What do you care about the feet for? Use an arm band and you can just throw the Deus on the ground and not worry about breaking anything !

    MANUAL -

    The French brains are wired differently than ours.


    Never had a problem with it. I never use it because I wear the controller on my ARM !

    Give it a chance. Your finds are not a fluke. You saw what I did my first time out on my most pounded-to-death site........including a Rev War button that had eluded everyone and every machine prior to the D2.
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    . Thank, Jeff. I'll figure it all out. It took me a year to really get going on my other machines.
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    I've never really dealt with old relics so the wax treatment can only be done if button is completely clean or can they be treated any time. I have some old items I may want to treat with that. Nice finds and good luck with the remaining cleaning on the GW. WD
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    First outing yesterday with my “Duce”; one Indian, two buff, six Wheaties, one gold -small- pendant w/ stone. Area I’ve searched with my Nox 800, though only once. Park mode on the Deus. My Nox is/was my go to machine. Awesome detector. Will use my Deus exclusively this week on an old plantation house that’s given up 50+ buttons, from tombac to treble gilt London, back up to post office 1906 w/mailman on front. Follow up post as to results. Now go GET SOME!

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