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    Hot Soil

    I took the D2 to a mineralized corn field to see what it can do. Let me first say, the curse lives...BUT, I was thrilled the way
    Sensitive FT handed the dirt.
    I was finding DEEP non-ferrous left and right...AND met up with a Nox user!! We were able to compare targets for an hour or so. I didn't learn much, as it seemed we both heard all the targets...none of which were on the edge of detection. But I know you have to concentrate with the Nox to hear the same targets the Deus SCREAMS on.
    I LOVE the tones on this program...and I could EASILY run full sens there. My Nox friend was running at 19 out of 25...and I know that's as high as the Nox can go in this dirt. I dug a pouch full of led drips and small copper bits. A copper would have blew my ears off!
    Sadly, I thought the arm strap would last one season, but it looks like it will only last a few weeks!
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