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Thread: A top 5 site for me and friends - Amazing coin haul in just 4 1/2 hours!

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    A top 5 site for me and friends - Amazing coin haul in just 4 1/2 hours!

    Hi all,

    Went searching for an early Vermont homesite yesterday in northeastern VT. Lots of history in this area and the homesteader was quite an important guy. We knew we were close but had, up to yesterday, not determined exactly where in the myriad of large cornfields it was. I was teaming up with @greenmountaindiggers and @wanderingspade when we came upon a break in one of the walls leading up to a higher field which was connected, via another barway to an older early 1800s home that serves as the current family farm home. I saw a small mound about 50 yards distant and upon walking up to it noticed that there were a few fieldstones lying around and that the corn didn't grow here. A foundation perhaps? I turned my new Deus 2 on (its inaugural hunt btw), took just a few steps and popped a Connecticut copper along with some small brick fragments. I turned to my good friend Joe and said, "Brother, I think we've found it." Well, safe to say that was the right assumption! We spent a mere 4 1/2 hours there and pulled 18 coppers and a 1768 globe and pillars 2 Reales. Just amazing that these sites still exist up here. Among the coppers were 2 KG3 Hibernias, several Draped Busts, Matron LCs, KG2s, a Vermont, my Connecticut and a '95 Liberty Cap!

    My coins were: the 1787 CT, two 1818 Matrons, a nearly wiped KG3 half penny and a cut 1802 Draped Bust. I also nabbed several nice early buckles and what has to be the smallest thimble ever - probably for a very young girl learning from mama. The guy had 16 children. We're headed back next weekend - the fields are vast and we've barely scratched the surface of this place. There's gotta be more there. Thanks for looking, and to Joe, Daniel and Claudia for a time well spent!

    Name:  Group coin shot April 3.jpg
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    Group shot of our coppers and a few relics, including a barrel tap key and an early broach or hair clip.

    Name:  My haul from April 3.jpg
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    My haul from yesterday

    Name:  My coin haul April 3.jpg
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    My coin haul

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    The smallest thimble I've ever dug.
    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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    Well done John! It's been a long time since I had a 5 copper day! Sweet thimble!
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    Exciting story. You certainly have a good eye and a lot of historical knowledge to find such places. The finds are all beautiful to look at! Thanks for showing them.

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    Very nice.
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    Huge congrats John! Detecting is only the smallest of challenges-the big challenge is the research and then actually finding the right place to drop the coil. Those are some awesome finds worthy of the background work done.
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    That is one exciting site, John!
    Were you initially frightened not knowing the Deus might hinder you?
    Best of luck this weekend!
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    Congrats on the site find and all the recoveries. WD
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    Wow that place sure has the goods! Nice write up too. 18 coppers and a 2 Real...yeah there has to be some more around there. This week will go very slowly for you until you can get back there.
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    That's the kind of site us midwesterners can only dream about!

    A five copper day? I've never even come close to a five copper year!

    That tiny thimble is fascinating too. What a great relic!

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    Wow! That is some haul, John.
    Your research skills are humbling.

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    Holy cow John, that's a hunt of a lifetime! I can't imagine 16 kids, heck 2 was enough for my wife & I. Were all 16 from the same wife? Looking forward to more updates from the field of dreams!
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    Wow John, the detecting gods are watching over you.

    You absolutely killed it!!! Great hunt!!

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    Woohoo. That’s a great site. Good for you
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    Thanks everyone! We've returned a few other times to this site to clean up the rest. More great finds were had.

    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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