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Thread: Took Years To Return

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    Took Years To Return

    Maybe 10 yrs ago I found a sweet lover's bracelet for a WW2 GI. His girlfriend Viola had a sterling band inscribed with his name John E. Alto and military ID on the front and her name on the back. Even though we subscribe to I couldn't find living family members. After years of trying it took 20min searching the newly released 1950 census. Back in those days they were living at the house where I found it and had two children. These two boys are now deceased but in reading an obituary I found a third, younger sibling still living. She now lives far from her childhood house which is near me and was over the Moon to hear about the bracelet. I sent it to her and she immediately cleaned it (you know my cleaning skills), she said she was going to wear it as a necklace or bracelet, and sent me a picture of her parents. I've since received happy phone calls from other members of their family showing appreciation and wanting more context.
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    That is a great return and story. Returning something sentimental like that is an amazing feeling! I admire your persistence. Well done!
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    That's awesome!
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    Good on Ya!
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    Great story, especially when it involves a WW2 veteran. Thx for posting WD
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    Good one Drew!
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    WTG Drew on the happy return! Give this man a medal!
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    That's quite the long return, but persistence sure paid off. Congrats and well done on the research!
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    Very cool!
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    cool find and great story Drew
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    Excellent story Drew and great you could locate a surviving family member!

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    This is an awesome "feel good" story, Drew. I'm glad you didn't give up on finding an heir. Stories like this give all detectorists a better reputation.

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