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    Last Month

    Haven't been able to get out much but here is the last month or so. Anyone hazard a guess as to the age of the anchor button? The back is shown but ratty. One of those coppers may be a KG1. I can just seen the distinctive outline of the reverse.
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    WTG Drew! My guess as it's a 2pc button you'd be looking at 1860's & up. I always love to find buttons with the cloth threading still there, was lucky one time & still had a a pc of the coat still there.
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    Thanks, Roger! Yeah, I love cloth on buttons. Jeff found a Rev War button with the blue coat still on it. I wonder if that anchor button is navy or just a dress button.
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    Good to see you getting out Drew. When I see the forcast is for temps above 80 by 10:00 AM, I stay home. Nice button, but not sure of the age. Agreed, I also like to find them with wool or hemp threads still on the shank. Nice bit of seated silver you got there. The D2 does like musket balls. I pulled a few myself over the last couple of months. What is the scooped item to the right of the ear tag??
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    Thanks, Jeff! I was hoping someone would tell me what that scoopy thing was
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    Great finds Drew , its been brutally hot and humid these last couple of weeks . I give anyone a lot of credit for going out into it .

    Quote Originally Posted by OxShoeDrew View Post
    Thanks, Jeff! I was hoping someone would tell me what that scoopy thing was
    I'm not sure what that is from just the one picture of it .
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    Nice variety of finds Drew! Thanks for sharing.
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