Hi all,

Not much in the find department worthy of a post, but I have a few goodies.

Old trashy permission - 1923 wheat and a suspender buckle (I think). Not very good with buckles/buttons. Hardest detecting area I have. It is riddled with nails. Found about 50-75 square nails in 2 hours. Multiple in each hole.

2nd photo is a park hunt - I have been finding bullets like crazy this year. Couple wheaties, old drawer pull is what I guess, toy gun.

3rd - park hunt. 1909 wheat, 40s wheats and 2 no dates

4th - permission from oldest house I detect - Sportman's button (I think these are 1830-40s). 2nd one I found at this site. Starting to dig the really iffy signals, but there are things popping up on this site again. I think the frost heave did a great job for me this last winter.

5th - 3 hour park hunt. 1896 and 1903 Indians, wheats, 39 Merc, SS ring, and an unlimited hugs charm (not silver). Good luck out there!
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