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Thread: No gold at Buffalo Beach but....

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    No gold at Buffalo Beach but....

    Yeah still no gold this week at this beach. I hunted twice there this week for a total 5 hours maybe. My best find was a black encrusted 1898 Barber Quarter which only confirms that I need to keep hunting this place...just too much potential. I also found a couple silver items...the first is a cheap 925 ring and then I found a sterling bracelet that says "Bobby Major". There are 2 war niks and a bus token in the pic. Not pictured is a pile of clad and about 15-20 wheats.

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    Here is a before and after pic of the 1898 Quarter after some cleaning. I used Angel's technique.

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    This beach area is in a more affluent area with 80% the homes being from late 1800's to the 1950's. I found the quarter in front of one of the homes off to the side of the beach park. The weather has turned much cooler here so detecting in the water maybe a bit more challenging going forward...I do have some waders in my car just in case.

    Get out there!
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    Certainly some nice finds, and good potential for sure. Yeah, waders help, especially if like mine - they're 5mm neoprene with insulated boots rated for -20F. Awesome for those water hunts in February!
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    Gold is a pretty high bar
    I think you did very well! Keep it up!
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