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Thread: Gold at Buffalo Beach!

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    Gold at Buffalo Beach!

    Well it happened. I found gold at Buffalo Beach! It is not very big but it was a beautiful site and a nice rush when I saw it in the scoop. I also found a couple buffs...1917 and 1928 and a 1947 silver rosie.

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    There was once something attached to the top of the ring but it is gone now. It was a solid 8 signal on the Nox if you were wondering.

    Thanks for looking! Jared
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    CONGRATS!!! 8 huh? With the Nox, I never dug anything that low at a public wonder I never found gold
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    Gold is always Good!

    With those older coins, this must be an older beach that has been used a long time, Congratz!
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    I knew your persistence would pay off!

    There's no mistaking that 14K mark either, it is big and bold!

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    Congrats Jared, I knew there should have been gold there! Now go get some more...
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