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    Few Weeks

    I've been able to hit some very interesting sites lately. They haven't produced much but it's been fun. I was fortunate to secure a "serpentine path" on private property designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. It was built in the 1870s and people have been walking on it ever since...they seemed to have very sturdy pockets though as after 3 hrs I only found a couple shot gun shells.

    I did some corn fields for hours on end...the best find was the "B" because the previous owners last name started with B. So that was exciting I hit the cellar hole at that site but only managed a couple of wheats which I gave the owner.

    I dug the 1863 fatty (my 16th) 20 feet from a public cellar hole which I've been to literally 100s of times. It was the worst signal I ever with iron which lowers the already lowered fatty signal. Then I dug another horrible signal and got the cuff button. The cuff must have been 7 in!

    I've already posted a few finds in "What Is It?" ...and at my new site I've only found a bunch of flat buttons and the end of a colonial knee buckle which I gave the owner. So all in all I really haven't been doing that well...but HAVING FUN!!!

    PS Can anyone date that pottery? Thanks!!
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    If you are having fun, you are doing QUITE well Drew. That is one gnarley fatty ! What's that shiney thing? I haven't seen one of those in years.
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