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Thread: Advice on Pocket Watch

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    Advice on Pocket Watch

    Hey all,
    These are the finds of late. Anyone know how I should open that pocket watch? It looks like it can be opened on both sides...I'm hoping that means one side has an engraving on it.

    Next to the watch is what I think is a silver colonial button. There's a bit of a stain where the shank could have been attached, it's thin like a button, colonial only site, no coins match the size.

    The ring is silver!

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    if the pocket watch has a hinged cover , you could soak the watch in a bit of light oil and sloooowwwwly work the cover open . if its just a pressed on cover it will pop off with a razor bladed knife used to pry it loose . i'm interested in seeing the insade of the watch and the silver button more closely. nice finds Drew

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    Nice variety there Drew. You might have one of those $1.00 Ingersoll pocket watches. When I looked at your pic, I thought that was a 1/2 real.
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    Thanks, fellas! I also thought it was a 1/2 real when I dug it, I found it 40 yrds from a 1/2 real I found a few weeks ago. It rang up 88 in the dirt, now it's 86. My other 1/2 reals ring up anywhere from 85 to 88. Odd, I'd thought they all would be the same. Both weigh .05 gr.
    Both sides of that watch are hinged, Dan. So I guess I'll put some oil on the hinges and let it soak in.
    I hope it's not a glow in the dark watch
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    Got it open safely, thanks! "United States Watch Co" written on the face. On the movement it says, "Myers & Ainley""Paughkeepsie, NY" "Pat 1870."
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    WTG Drew on getting it opened!
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    I'm not going to be of any kind of help with IDing the "coin", but I will say, I like the little history lesson on the pocket watch!
    Nice finds Drew!
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