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    New Sites

    Was happy to get a new site yesterday which produced the colonial objects in the picture. The newer things were from another site. The POTUS token was a surface find at a park when I wasn't even detecting
    Today, I got a second new site which looks WONDERFUL...but you know how it never know until you start detecting.
    Anyone know what that Meteor Gas Co thing is for? Thanks!
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    Any idea what the coin is? I think I can see Britannia and a left-facing bust.

    I would guess that the Meteor Gas thingy is the face of a gas gauge but you probably already knew that much. :-)

    Congrats on getting some new sites to detect! They always get our hopes up!
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    Thanks, Tony...I assume that coin is a KG2 or some such thing, Hey, I just learned that little doll is a "Frozen Charlotte" doll.

    Any idea what that screw thing at top is?
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    I agree with Tony it looks to be a gage face plate that had a needle indicator , the copper is a connecticut as i can almost read the "auctori" on the left side of the bust . i'm curious to the item on the far right side of the "group" picture .

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    Thanks, Dan!
    That piece is thin. I have no idea what it is.
    That screw thing at top looks familiar, like I've found one before. Thought it was a bottom of a light bulb in the hole.
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    Great finds, and wish you the best of luck on the new sites. As for the screw looking thing I think that may be a vacume relief valve. Threads into a pipe or tank and if the vacume overcomes spring tension it'll pull the stem down to let air in. Used a lot on tanks to prevent them from imploding from vacume when emptying while keeping out the elements.

    Next, the gauge face plate I'm 99.9% sure it is from the acetylene tank used for auto headlights. Found this ad from 1911.

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    WOW, Chris, that's so interesting!! Thanks so much! I bet an automobile was a rare thing in these parts in 1911. Some of the roads are STILL dirt .
    Thanks again!
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    Great finds Drew! Nice help Chris!
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    WTG Drew! The screw thingy I would guess is an older style bottle stopper?? Looks like a great site to hit all winter.
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