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    Under Performing

    Hey everyone,
    I thought when i got my D2 (9in coil) I was hitting super deep targets HARD! The last few months I've dug a number of coppers all about 8-9 inches and the machine seems to be at its limit. Faint, consistent sound, jumpy numbers but the same jumpiness from all directions. This leads me to believe I'd never dig anything deeper.

    Most were found in Deep HC, Reactivity .05, silencer 0, bottle cap 0, sens 97. I've checked some of them on different programs, stock relic,park,general...all programs seem similar, relic is louder but I can only use relic when the ground allows.

    Question- my Old T2 started pooping out one time and I sent it in, it needed "reshielding." Anyone know if there's any coil maintenance that has to be done with the D2?

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    Drew, I have never heard of any coil mainenance needs for any XP coils. Could it be seasonal soil moisture conditions impacting depth? In fields where chemical fertalizers were applied, a high groundwater table or poor drainage might push some of those chemical salts closer to the surface. Just go back out in the woods until things dry up.

    This might sound counterintuitive, but maybe raise your Reactivity to 1 or 1.5. Sometimes a bit more speed can deal with ground minerals better (if that is the case). Also make sure your ground stability is set at 2. I tried it at 1 for "extra depth" and all I got was more ground noise. The Deep HC defaults to "2", so if you haven't played with it you should be all set.
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