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Thread: MD Inventor?

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    MD Inventor?

    Hey All,
    Most people say A G Bell invented the metal detector to find a bullet in Garfield's body in 1881, but Gustave Trouvé is credited with inventing it in 1874, for the same reason. Anyone know what's going on...or what went on?
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    Everyone knows the ancient Persians invented the metal detector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodge Scent View Post
    Everyone knows the ancient Persians invented the metal detector.
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    Bell was never the inventor that he and others claimed him to be. Rather he was more of a fraud and mostly only good at stealing other people's inventions and after a few minor modifications, taking credit for them. The most famous being the telephone, which he stole from inventor Elisha Gray.

    So to answer your question, it was actually Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove who invented the first crude but operational metal detector way back in 1841 The funny thing I learned researching this topic is that SO many people are claiming to be the inventors, such as Garrett, Fisher, etc. There is a little bit of truth to some of these claims as many people over time have made big advances in the technology, but they never actually invented the concept.

    Edit to correct my information as I learned of earlier working technology. I tried to update Wikimedia on the info about Trouve' and how it relates to Bell, but my IP from work is locked out. So if anyone wants to make this correction, it would be appreciated. There's also a lot of other MD history missing from this Wiki entry, even though some cross references are made such as looking into Trouve's entry, it lists another earlier MD invention by a Professor Favre in 1862
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    @ Jeff!
    Chris! Amazing! I never heard of that guy! Watch, someone will show blueprints for a multi-frequency machine made by Leonardo
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