Was out the door early to get a couple of hours in with V1.0 before the rains came. I went with General Full Tones again, but with the new upgrade you can change the top frequency. Since I wanted to see if I could squeeze any high conductors out iron, I set it to a max of 14 kHz. First thing I noticed is that the iron falsing is much improved. I didn't have any luck finding any high conductors but not surprised at all. This is a very small pounded site. After a while I set the max frequency back to 40 kHz for better separation in the iron. The falsing increased somewhat as expected with the higher frequency. These 250 year old nails are very crusty and have big halos. But the falsing still not as bad as it used to be. I had the Disc at 6 and was going to raise it to see if that would help with the falsing but I decided to first lower it to -6.4 just for kicks. To my surprise, lowering the Disk to - 6.4 improved the falsing! I did not expect that and have not figured that out yet.

I went over the site again and pulled a few buttons including a very small thin cuff link along with some lead and pewter bits. Besides the improvement with the falsing, I really like the enhanced Iron Volume and the Silencer function has been improved as well. It started to rain before I could crank up the Bottle Cap reject to see if that would help with the iron blobs. It seemed to help when I tried Park with V7.1 earlier in the year. There are lots of interesting features to play with in V1.0. I haven't seen any negatives yet. I did dig some iron but most were just Hail Mary's when I was looking for high conductors. One or 2 odd pieces did fool me with a nice sounding high tone. But as usual with Full Tones, any mid tone that came through was no joke.