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Thread: Seated copper?

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    Seated copper?

    My hunting partner found this today. It was in a fire but it looks like there's copper under a thin silver coating. What's going on? Counterfeit? Thanks!
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    Interesting! I think that silver coins are 90% silver and 10% copper. So maybe the fire was able to expose or corrode the copper? But it could be counterfeit with a heavy silver plate too?
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    the better counterfeits were copper (cast or stamped) centers and a thin layer of silver plating was applied or even layered . this type of counterfeit sounds closer to a silver coin being dropped or smacked on a merchant counter top than a pewter or lead center counterfeit , remember the biting a coin to see if it bends in the old cartoons and movies to see if it was real?

    your hunting partner is Patrick hill?

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    Thanks, guys!
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    Very interesting find.
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    Great find!
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