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Thread: Old Gold!!

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    Old Gold!!

    Below is a pic of my recent finds from some parks and a few area beaches. A little bit of everything.

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    Yesterday evening I went to Buffalo Beach and I was very excited to see that the sand bars had moved drastically from last year. I now have (for the time being anyway) another 100 yards or so of frontage that is rock and clay bottom to detect that was covered with 2-4 feet of sand last fall. I found a lot of clear signals with most of them ended up being junk but I told myself that with so many clear low tones that gold was a real possibility tonight. I only found 1 wheat, 1 buff and a silver dime (1939 merc) and few pcs of older type trash but I came across a nice 22 signal on the Nox 900 and a sweet old gold ring was in the scoop!

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    It is a 10k Osbee gold ring with a yellow gem stone in it. Possibly a yellow sapphire? Not sure. I am thinking it is from the teens to the 40's and probably lost not too long after that. Its been rolling around in the water for long time. It had a darker tone to it but it shined right up when I rubbed it. I have it in a cleaning solution now and I will buff it out tonight perhaps.

    The hallmark is different than what I have found online. Not sure if this is an early example or newer. The ones online show an "O" and a "B" with the 10k in between. I think the business started in the 1880's or 1890's.

    I did a little research on Osbee Jewelry and one of the two guys who founded it was in Europe buying gems and decided to take the Titanic back to America. Cornelius Ostby perished but his daughter was saved.

    I can't wait to get back out there!

    Thanks for looking!
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    I love that ring!!!! So pretty! Could it be topaz too? or citrine? Such a great find! Huge congrats! You're inspired me to look for low tones!
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    That is a nice find. Sure looks old style. Congrats. WD
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    That ring is beautiful! What a wonderful find! I am curious about the stone as well. Let us know if you find out what it is.

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    That is a handsome ring !
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    Wow Nice job there Jared!! Long time since I read this forum, and long time since I hunted with you and Don. Hope to see more good finds.

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    simply stunning!!!
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