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Thread: Last Hunt Of 2023 = Copper!

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    Last Hunt Of 2023 = Copper!

    Got out with Frank on Sat for a few hrs back at our button site. This site has coughed up probably over 200 buttons, coppers and several other artifacts.

    Franks now swinging the Deus 2 & I'm now swinging the Manticore, so it's good to compare how both of our machines read targets. They are both very powerful machines and are sniffing the smallest buttons. I have to say so far, I'm digging much deeper targets (6"+) than I've ever dug in all my years detecting with the V, which was pulling targets probably in the 5-6" depth range.

    Frank dug 20 buttons & I dug 12, so another 32 added to the button count. I was in the area where I dug the NJ a few weeks ago and got a good signal. After digging down about 6-7" out popped another copper.

    It's a no date KG III, but I'll take it. That's 3 hunts with the Manticore and the 1st & 3rd hunt produced deep coppers. That makes 7 coppers for 2023.

    HH & Happy New Year everyone!

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