The air heated up enough and the ground thawed just enough for me to hit the fields for the first time in 2024 about 10 days ago. After striking out at the the first site, the second site was a nice surprise, and lucky enough the nearby electric fence was turned off for the winter. You guys know how tough those are to detect around, regardless of how top-end your machines are. Anyways, here are my finds, starting off the year strong with a 5 copper day. Best find was the coin silver spoon w/monogram "H F". No hallmarks on this one, and given the other relics dug at this site, early to mid 1800s would be a logical date for this piece. Stoked on that one. Also got a crusty NY Excelsior militia button. Coppers are 1818, 1830 (Var. N5), 1839 (Booby Head Var. N11), KG2 Hibernia HP and a Slick Rick. Thanks for looking.


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