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Thread: Coil for the E-Trac.

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    Re: Coil for the E-Trac.

    Good choice Mark! The Ultimate 13 coil stays on my E-Trac all the time now. I think you will really enjoy it. It's just uncanny how it maintains the seperation despite it's size. Very cool!
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    Re: Coil for the E-Trac.

    I have had the 8 x 6 SEF, the 8 inch minelab and the Sun Ray X-5 stealth coil. Additionally, I had the joey. If you are looking for a smaller coil, without question, I would get the stealth X-5 asap. Next, I would choose the joey coil.

    The X-5 works well in heavy iron conditions, gives good depth for it's size and beyond that, it is superior on scraped lots and playgrounds, as it allows you to get close to adjacent targets.

    The Joey is often overlooked as a goto coil, but I have used it on scraped lots as well as heavy iron infestations.

    Finally, my 3rd pick of the four cited would by the 8x6 SEF. The footprint is wider than the joey and the X-5, but it gives great depth.

    The Minelab 8 inch is just too close to the stock coil for my tastes. I just was not impressed as much as the other coils.

    Anyway, good luck to you with whichever decision you choose.

    Be grateful that you are not like me, and just bought the CTX 3030 and all coils with it. LOL I was going to hold on to all those other coils and my EX II and Etrac, but alas, I have decided to sell those and might get another machine. I have only 16 hours on my CTX and it is feeding a lot of information to me that I don't have down yet and I am truly impressed with it regardless. I am learning, just as I did enroute to having all those other coils I am getting rid of.....LOL


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    Re: Coil for the E-Trac.

    So how did you end up liking the concentric coil on the Etrac(I know this is an old post) I bought the 8 concentric and wondered if it works well...
    Quote Originally Posted by marchas45 link=topic=413.msg5515#msg5515 date=1259447991
    I use the 8 Excelerator Concentric Searchcoil in the woods and such. Hopefully I will be trying it out tomorrow morning in a park. thumbsup01

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    Re: Coil for the E-Trac.

    i have the x5 sunray have not got out with it a lot but have found a few goodies with it in a hard hunted park i got a old indian head that i know i went over with the stock coil so i belive they do the job the only problem is you do not cover much ground you have to pick out a small area and work it slow good luck dennis

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    Re: Coil for the E-Trac.

    Always interesting reading about different coils which produce great results for each of us ! I personally have the 11 inch Minelab Pro, Sunray X5, X8,and X12 also the SEF 8x6 , SEF 10X12 and the SEF 12x15. I like them all for what each can bring to the table in there own specific way and would not part ways with any. Happy hunting
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    I used the x-5 on the e-trac last hunt. My buddy had the stock 11 coil on his etrac. He went right over the Civil war button I found and I snagged
    it with the x-5. It had a Co reading of 41. He went over it with his coil and said I would dig it. and boom a CW buttonName:  button1.JPG
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    anybody have any feed back on a 4.5x7 dd coil for the ETrac, I have a small coil on my AT Pro and like it, want one for the ETrac too

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