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Thread: A great new video camera for THr's

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    A great new video camera for THr's

    Check out this new video camera from Kodak. it is water proof to 10 feet, shockproof, dust proof and has a Macro setting for the close-up shots of your coins.

    Just ordered one from Walmart for $159.00
    I had the first generation of this camera and it was very nice but did not have Macro setting and was not shock proof. I sold it because of no Macro and said I would get another if they ever added the feature. It is about the size of a smart phone and was very easy to use.

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    Re: A great new video camera for THr's

    That sounds like a nice camera I want one that mounts to my hat lol so I can record the whole hunt and dig without even touching the camera But that one looks real good for the money thumbsup01
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