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Thread: gloves?

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    I'm curious what gloves people wear while detecting? I've been wearing batting gloves, because they are very nimble and dexterous, but they just don't stand up in the field. I've been thru three pair already this season, and they are burning up my clad money >:# >:#

    Any info on brand and where you get them is appreciated.
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    Re: gloves?

    hey Randy , most of the year i use regular mechanics gloves and for the colder months i'll use something with a little more insulation .
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    Re: gloves?

    Randy, I went thru 3 pairs of gloves this year, then I broke down and bought a leather pair at Home Depot for $8.00. they have lasted for over 2 1/2 months so far.
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    Re: gloves?

    Yeah I'm with Del. I'll buy those Mechanics (or something similar) gloves. But I've went least 4 pairs this season.
    I think Al is onto something. The last pair I bought have leather finger tips. I've already worn a hole through them, but they have lasted quite a bit longer than the rest have. I just don't want to have to wear a pair of big'ol welding gloves just so they'll last! lol
    But when it's cold out I'll wear what ever will fit through the cuff strap on my detector lol
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    Re: gloves?

    Tan leather work gloves from Home Depot for me. The easily last a year. |
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    Re: gloves?

    Atlas Nitrile Tough Gloves - NT370BBKM

    Tough, puncture proof, lightweight, highly tactile, breathable backs. I use about 2 pairs a year. $6.00 to $7.00 at your local hardware store.

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    Re: gloves?

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberSage link=topic=7574.msg87567#msg87567 date=1320019644
    Atlas Nitrile Tough Gloves - NT370BBKM

    Tough, puncture proof, lightweight, highly tactile, breathable backs. I use about 2 pairs a year. $6.00 to $7.00 at your local hardware store.

    I went through 2 pairs of those this season. I know this sounds crazy, but the tendon between my thumb and my index finger has been killing me using those gloves. Probably my fat hands... I bought a mechanics pair last night. We will see how those do...

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    Re: gloves?

    Brown jersey gloves. They don't last long and don't cost much. And when it's cold out they are great for wiping your nose on.
    I use one on my left hand and have an old moto-cross glove on my right hand.
    I cut off the velcro strap on the moto glove cuz i was tired of it catching on the arm cuff cover.
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    Re: gloves?

    For the last 4 years when I did turf I've been using the exact same gloves as Jack. Before that I used a variety if protection. I like these Atlas gloves best and there is an insulated version - also cheap. I can't go into a store without looking for stuff I can use detecting!
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    Re: gloves?

    I have pretty similar gloves as Jack. They have a high cut factor, meaning glass can't slice them.

    As it gets colder I wear a warmer glove, but it isn't glass proof completely, softer material, but so far no problem. Even with gloves I'm careful and let the knife do the digging.


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    Re: gloves?

    Quote Originally Posted by earthmansurfer link=topic=7574.msg91926#msg91926 date=1322987303
    I have pretty similar gloves as Jack. They have a high cut factor, meaning glass can't slice them.
    Glass can't cut through the gloves in Jack's picture? They look like glass would go right through.
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    Re: gloves?

    I go to Harbor Frieght they have a large variety of gloves that are inexpensive. Ranging from less than two bucks to 5 bucks a pair. In the winter when it is a bit wet I wear a pair of the latex or nitrile thin gloves and then the others over them seems to work.
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    Re: gloves?

    my son gets me some from where he works they are light and they wear pretty good they also are a little tacky for a good grip but if i was to buy some belltwo is right harbor freight is hard to beat for the price dennis

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    Heres what i use

    i just picked up a pair today from harbor freight for the third time in 2 months.
    dont get me wrong they are excellent
    very grippy
    could be more flexible
    price is $1.97 excellent

    P.S. i lost the last pair so they are durable!
    not to mention they find other jobs to do other than metal detecting.

    shoulder bag
    neodymium magnet that yellow green thing on the leash |

    i use a short shovel from Home Depot as well.
    and a pro pointer from Harbor Freight.
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    Re: gloves?

    I buy these really inexpensive thin cloth lightly neoprene coated gloves at the Home Depot. They sell them on the end caps for like $6.99 for ten pairs. They are cheap but they last awhile and are thin. I also wash them and just hang them up to air dry when they get dirty. When they get holes in or big snags then I throw them away. One pack for $6.99 will last me one whole year.
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    Re: gloves?

    I use the same type of gloves as milco. Cheap cloth lightly coated neoprene. You have to wear something in the midwest when relic hunting or the poison ivy will get you every time. The roots are just as bad as the leaves. Being washable is a must because the oil on the gloves is still poisonous and I've gotten poison ivy just handling my gloves after use.

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    Re: gloves?

    I use Northflex safety gloves made of seemless Dyneema... The model I use is the NFD16G Gray Dyneema® shell, coated with gray PU...


    I use these gloves because I used to work with them at the shop... They are very resistant and they are resistant to the abrasion. They are distribute by North safety products.

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    Re: gloves?

    I am a carpenter by trade and have tried just about every type of glove out there. I need something that is durable but yet thin enough that I can still pull nails out of my pouch and handle tools. The gloves I found to last the longest are the green ones from Harbor Freight. They kinda resemble the mechanics gloves. They are about $10 bucks but are on sale quite often for about $8.

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    Re: gloves?

    Uninsulated Camoskinz shooting gloves are my choice. They're surprising durable with great dexterity through the thin leather palms. Just picked up a couple pairs for 7 bucks each. Buy them a little large however as they tend to run a little small--at least on my bear paws! is a good source

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    Re: gloves?

    I use General purpose Firm Grip brand gloves. I purchase them from Home Depot. What I like about them is they are only $9.99/pair, the dexterity is good, they are fairly cool in the summer , fairly warm in the winter and they have a Velcro closure that prevents dirt from getting in. I usually will wear out a couple pair per season and the wear is usually the tips of a couple fingers. Here is link
    I also use ice fishing gloves when it gets really cold.

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