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    2500 change

    I sent off a E-mail to Garrett suggesting a change to the 2500. Here is the E-mail let me know what you think.

    I own a 2500 great machine. The only changes I would make If you guys are looking for that type of input is changing the all metal mode . Make the all metal option on the 2500 to operate like the AT Pro. Closer to the target the louder the signal . Also target identification in that mode has the added feature of iron ,mid range and coin audio. Basically what I'm saying is give the 2500 in all metal mode the same feature that the AT Pro has in Pro mode with no iron decriminalization. As far as the conductivity numbers leave that exclusively to the AT Pro. With this change, also it would be nice that older machines could have an upgrade to this new feature. As it is now the all metal mode on the 2500 just operates as though you have the pinpointing button pressed constantly. This can be done on most machines if you what to metal detect with the pinpointing pressed . How awkward that would be. With this slight change I think it would satisfy the 2500 users and wounded hurt the sale of the At Pro with all its other exclusive features.
    Garret 1500, 2500 , AT PRO , Pro pin pointer

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    Re: 2500 change

    I know nothing about the 2500 but as I have heard there not as good as At pro but cost more I love my At pro and wish garrett would do just what you said combine both together with a few changes the At pro or mabe the 2500 would be as good as anything on the market I own a E-trac and DFX 300 and it will out do one of them already and not far behind the other thumbsup01

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