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Thread: Great coin hunt

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    Great coin hunt

    I only had a little while to hunt this weekend, so I stayed close to home to make the most of it. I just bought the 17" coil for the CTX and it has been good to me when I used it on the Pequot hunts. This is my first try with it at a couple of cellar holes close to home that have been pretty well worked over. I must say the 17" coil picks the targets out nicely in the wide open field areas. I wasn't expecting much at these sites, but on the path I got my first good coin target, a 1903 Barber Dime. If that is all I would find, I would be happy for the hunt. But I eventually got a deep copper reading and pulled a toasted copper at 8". About an hour before the hunt was over I got another copper/silver reading at 6" and out pops a silver disk. I noticed it was a bit bigger than a dime, but couldn't tell what it was. It could be Spanish or another foreign coin. I continued hunting and then called it a day. A couple of 22's, shotgun shells, nails and other scrap rounded out the hunt. When I got home, I realized the silver coin had that cement like grit stuck to it, so I cleaned it gently with running water and a soft tooth brush. It revealed a Capped Bust Dime But the date threw me for a loop, as it was an 1809 (just missed the Draped Bust Dime series by 2 years). I was a bit bummed since Draped Bust silver is very hard to come by over here, but when I looked at the Redbook for that year, I found out it was the first year of the series and only had a mintage of 51,065. Looking at the coin (minus the encrustation) it appears to be XF or maybe even a bit better. If I can get it cleaned without ruining the patina, it will be a very valuable coin. I was not bummed anymore So far I am loving this coil.

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    WOW ,what a sweet early Capped bust and a key date to boot . very nice George
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    Nice! That is a real oldie ! Lot's of detail under the dirt. That's 2 CB dimes posted so far this weekend. We need to see 1 more.
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    CONGRATS!!!!!!! Awesome find!!

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    I bet you'll like that coil even more come winter when these ferns die off again. Good luck with the cleaning, back just as nice? That coil paid for itself in a few hours!
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    Wow what a special coin that is...great find there.
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    draped bust silver is hard to come by can get her clean.we have faith in you.beautiful silver. congrats!
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    Beautiful dime. Looking forward to pix of it when it's cleaned!

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    Sweet find George!!
    And you didn't even have to go very far!
    It looks like it's in pretty decent shape. Can't wait to see how your cleaning efforts turn out
    I heard sandpaper works well for bring out details.
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    Awesome hunt George !!!

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    Now that's what I call a great hunt, George.

    Don't you love pulling out finds like that in a spot that has been hammered...really gives you confidence in the equipment you're using.

    I can remember when you first got the CTX ( before you really knew it ) it's a killer in your hands now, isn't it.
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    Awesome finds for sure

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    Sweet lookin finds
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    Wow! That capped bust dime is INCREDIBLE, George! It still has amazing detail on it!

    What a spectacular find! The stuff of dreams for sure. Man, I would give anything to find a coin like that.

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    That is one SICK dime! I'd do anything to find a 195 year old silver coin! Amazing hunt!
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    Thanks everyone. It will be a while before I clean it. I need to see what it is encrusted with first. But I am soaking it in water to loosen up anything that wants to easily come off. The backside is in great shape too, but heavily encrusted...worse than the front. It really was dropped brand new. Always wondered what the person who lost it thought, when they figured out it was missing. Why they brought it out in the field in the first place, is another thing I would love to know. Sorry no sandpaper on this one I found my first Capped Bust half dime a little while ago and it had the same type of corrosion on it.
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    NICE! Key date capped bust dime. I don't know my coins, I would have just tossed it in my pouch. Cool find
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    , a capped bust. Most of us would have been very happy with the Barber and ALL of us would be very happy with that capped bust. Looks to be in great shape and I hope your cleaning it goes well. Well once again, no site is ever hunted out. Congrats on the key date.
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    Very excellent find, I can only dream of finding a coin like that. CONGRATS
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    Fabulous dime George! That one still eludes me
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