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Thread: My first Spanish Silver!

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    My first Spanish Silver!

    I got my first Spanish silver today! It's a my oldest silver coin (a Seated dime) by 126 years! Man was I pumped when I dug this. Found it in the woods off an old road. The signal was so strong and shallow I really thought it was going to be a Merc or a Rosie. It was in some dirt that was on top of a rock and was only about 2 inches down. The relics are from my last couple of hunts. Love this hobby!
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    That is AWESOME and in great condition Congrats on a dream coin
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    That is sweet, I bet you were pumped. I know my heart would still be racing

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    Congratulations on the beautiful coin. A real bonus not have to dig very deep. I know what you mean about the signal. When I run across a surface coin, it sounds like my ATP is going to blow a gasket. Wish it happened more frequently. My knees hate metal detecting. Thanks for sharing your finds.
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    beautiful pistareen Mr .Digger , huge congrats
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    Wow, that thing is in excellent condition! Congratulations!
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    Some great finds. That Spanish coin is in fantastic shape and the bonus was it was only 2" down. The buttons are cool especially that ball one. on all your keepers.
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    Congrats man... that is one sick looking reale... very good details and in excellent condition over all, I hope to find a reale some day soon! HH
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    Sweet find(s). Lucky the rock was there to prevent it from going deeper through the years. As all have said, it looks like great shape. You are getting some good places to hunt. This is part of the reason why I think it's always a good idea to dig anything even at 2". When I went through a 1701 school house yard, the best coin being a wheat was actually the shallowest right next to a tree at the surface. The clad in other parts of the yard were actually deeper.

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    WOW! What a gorgeous 1 Real coin!

    It really is in terrific shape! Lots of sharp detail with very little wear. The small "M" with a crown over it indicates that it was minted in Madrid, Spain.

    Congrats on you first Spanish silver! It's a beauty!
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    WTG on a beautiful 1 Reale!
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    Outstanding. Banner material bigtime. Congrats and good luck on your next hunt!
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    Why isn't this post in the relic section? I never get over to the coin shooter's area
    AWESOME coin!! Congrats!
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