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Thread: Awesome customer service

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    Awesome customer service

    I took the battery out of my V3 (not supposed to leave it long term) and put it in the charger. The charge light would not light up. I put it back in the V3 and turned it on.. still had 9.3 volts. Checked the second battery, no problem, charging light lit right up. I called White's customer service, described the problem, and without even any questions, they took my name and address and said we are mailing you a new one. WOW!!!!!! I knew they were good, but this is awesome. Thank you White's Electronics. RickO
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    Re: Awesome customer service

    You have to admire and appreciate that kind of attentive and quick response from their customer service department. It means a great deal.

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    Re: Awesome customer service

    yup their service is the best in the business , i had to finnally send my Dfx in earlier this year ( its about 5 or 6 years old and no longer under warranty) they fixed it up great with no charge to me , and it runs phenominally good now .
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    Re: Awesome customer service

    I have heard nothing but good things about White's customer service. And it pays off, just like now, through word of mouth from their customers
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    Re: Awesome customer service

    Whites has always had great customer service. It's rare to find a company with an excellent product AND customer care.
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    yo R

    From the land of the Bluenose.....well sir it doesn't get any better then that.
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    Re: Awesome customer service

    I have had Whites machines for years and I have to say that I have never seen any company that has the type of service that they do! Whites service is A-1

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