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  • Best CoinSafariScott
    Higley Copper

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    George Washington Button

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    Gold Ruby Ring


Mention a cellar hole, an old foundation or a picnic grove of years ago to a metal detectorist and the eyes will light up. What makes this hobby so fascinating? No doubt the opportunity to find old relics and coins plays a major part in the enjoyment derived by those who have taken up metal detecting, but also the sense of adventure, of discovery, of history, is what continues to hold the attention of those who love and pursue the hobby.

As a visitor to American Detectorist, you are likely already familiar with the metal detecting hobby, but whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting, this is the place to find information and ask questions about metal detecting. You are also welcomed to meet and interact with others who likewise love this alluring hobby by visiting the American Detectorist metal detecting forum.

While our focus is mainly on coin and relic hunting, we also enjoy and participate in shallow water detecting. We have many members who live on the coast or near freshwater lakes and regularly metal detect at such locations, often finding jewelry and old coins.

The information you find here and within our metal detecting forum covers all aspects of our metal detecting hobby, and will appeal to both beginners and advanced detectorists.

Enjoy your visit, and welcome to American Detectorist!


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